An AFS Host Family Contest

Congratulations to the Compton family and Andrey, their AFS Exchange Student from Brazil!


The Comptons, who live in Michigan, entered a touching video that shows how closely connected they have become to Andrey in such a short time. As the winners of the Reel Life contest, they got the most votes for their entry.

The Compton's and Mr. Brazil

Andrey Dias


Margeret, Andrey's host mom, says they “cherish [their] memories of sharing culture, cooking together, traveling, playing games, hanging out, celebrating holidays and the everyday life,” which are experiences that “created a bond that is forever.”


As their prize for winning the contest, the Comptons and Andrey will travel to one of four U.S. cities together for a trip! We couldn't be happier that this wonderful AFS Host Family and their Exchange Student will be able to create new memories together.