Project Idea No. 670
By: Luis Cisneros from GEC, Alaska

Dreams come true

I never thought of leaving my home and travelling over 6,000 miles to a place I only dreamt of as a kid. I have never regretted leaving home because I actually landed at my home just on another continent. I have been shown so much ceaseless and depthless love by my host family. My host parents have done everything they can just to put a smile on my face every day. My host mom, Jennifer loves me as if I came from her own womb. She cares so deeply and spends a lot of time to keep me going and happy in life even though I know she has a very demanding job and that goes to my host dad, Douglas as well. I could not have asked for better host siblings than the ones I have. We complain, quarrel argue and tease each other but hey, that's what makes us kids. Amidst all these, we care deeply, support and motivate tolerate and laugh at each other. This family is the real definition of love, care, motivation and endless support. I won’t say my whole year has been flawless and rosy throughout but it has helped me become a better person. I don't know how AFS placed me with this family but I know how to definitely say a BIG THANK YOU to AFS for placing me with the GRACE family. I love for them is immeasurable and I can call them my family proudly. I made this video to show my love appreciation and good precious moments I've had with them.

Focus on

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