Project Idea No. 674
By: Jill Cornwell from ,

Minnesota Purple People Eaters

Najeeba is not a big sports fan, but she is a big fan of purple (she and I share both of those traits), and she is an even bigger fan of American experiences. In Minnesota we have a new football stadium and we were hosting the Super Bowl, a wholly American event, this year. That made a trip to see a Minnesota Vikings game a must-do, even for a girl who doesn't know or understand American Football. Fortunately for Jeeba, the Vikings colors are purple and gold, so we could at least get her something purple to wear. We joined a group from my former office and took a van down to the stadium to tailgate and do watch the Vikings play the Detroit Lions in a very purple stadium. Unfortunately they lost, but that didn't change the fact that the one thing Jeeba wanted to make sure to take home from the US was a Vikings Jersey. She got a personalized one, purple of course, for her golden birthday with her last name (Loonat) and her birth date (17) on it. Even after she returns to South Africa, she will always be a Minnesota Viking!

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