Project Idea No. 689
By: Sharon Thien from ,

Happiest Place on Earth

They say Disney is the happiest place on Earth. But it wouldn't be the happiest place if I hadn't go with my host family. This is our trip to Disney World, Florida. No doubt, I was the happiest kid in the world that day. My host parents and I spent 2 days at Disney together and the experience was amazing. It feels like reliving through my childhood, remembering how much I was into Disney when I was little (and surely everyone was a Disney fan once when they were young) and it just brings back memories of our childhood days when deciding what Disney shows to watch next was the only problem we had. It made me realise that, happiness is not found from a place or object, but from the moments we spent with our loved ones. We all tend to take things for granted and overlook the simplest things in life that gives us happiness. Being an exchange student and being hosted with the Tarango family, I am beyond blessed. Although I don't express it, every moment spent with them is a happy memory that I will forever keep. Thanks to them, I found the true meaning of simplicity of happiness, regardless of it being my actual family or my host family, happiness can be found at home, and home is where the heart is.

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