Project Idea No. 690
By: Rosemarie Stenfeldt from ,

The last minutes

This is the last photo that my host family and I took. Before this was taken we had just spent about 30 minutes crying, hugging and figuring out how to say goodbye. This photo was taken right outside my hotel room in Des Moines, minutes before we said our final goodbyes :(( The photo means a lot to me because, we had just spent a month on the road, driving from our home in Omaha, Nebraska to Virginia and then up the coast. We visited numerous states together and ended the trip in Canada at my host grandma’s lake house in The Thousand Islands. Two days before I was to leave the States we drove from The Thousand Islands to Des Moines, Iowa. It was a long drive and we spent our last hours eating at Zoombie Burger, where my host dad got me the most outrageous burger (‘murica) and we watched the new “Finding Nemo” movie. Right before going to the hotel we went to Trader Joe’s and they bought me snacks for the trip. Almost an hour later we were standing crying in a hotel, taking this photo. It was the end of a wonderful trip and an absolutely amazing year. Even two years after taking this photo I can still remember exactly how I felt, and I wish that I could just go back and stay for another year.

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