Project Idea No. 699
By: Rusydannu Bhirawa from ,

Host Family+ Bestfriend : Perfect Vacation

My hostfamily took Moe, an Exchange student from the Philippines who is my bestfriend and I, down to Los Angeles. The picture was taken in Hollywood, California. I had a very good time spending my spring break with my hostfamily and my bestfriend. We had a blast. I am so grateful for having them in my life. We might be different. We grew up with a language that is different to one another. We might be different, in terms of speaking English because we have our own accent. We might be different, in the way we see things, because I believe there is supposed to be more than one way to look at things. We might have different skin color, religion, nationality, etc. Despite all the differences, We all have similarities. We all screamed on a roller coaster that was going really fast. We all laughed of a joke that we think it's funny. My hostfamily and I, We all cried when we lost our dearest dog. Last but not least, We understand how important it is to build bridges of understanding between people from different cultures by Cultural Exchange. Let's embrace and celebrate all the differences and similarities we have because that's what makes us Humans.

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