Project Idea No. 701
By: Emerald Bedwell from ,

Long Lost Sister

This is only one of the many pictures and memories that we have with Grace. It was so hard just choosing one and not all of them to use. While we hosted Grace, she made everyday things so fun and interesting, from juggling fruit to constantly laughing and fitting right in. Here are a few of the many things that Grace got to experience while being a part of our family. We went to a college volleyball game, we went ice skating, went to a haunted house, and many other activities. We live on a farm so it was a whole new experience for Grace. She learned how to work cattle, chop firewood and help around the farmyard. While doing these new things Grace never complained a bit and was happy to help her new family. My twin sister and I , whose name is also Grace, loved having another sister. She was like our long lost triplet and we did everything together. If it was possible to be reunited with Grace again that would be incredible. We have talked about coming to see her sometime but it be pretty expensive for four people to fly to Australia. We try to FaceTime Grace as often as we can with everyone’s busy schedules. It would be such a blessing to see our sister again!

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