S4 | Episode 721

Grafitti Park

The Borey-Meuwissen-Bjermeland Family Family (Minnesota) and Maira from Pakistan
The whole family flew down to Austin, TX to attend my niece's wedding in March. Maira, our lovely exchange daughter, had even packed a special outfit for the occasion before leaving Pakistan! We're kind of an artsy family, so while we were there, we found an amazing place called Graffiti Park at Castle Hill, where people come from all over to (legally) add their creative touches to the place. The entire park is covered in a rich diversity of colors and designs: a remarkable piece of street art. Maira painted the Pakistani flag and we all added our own bits of flair as well. At the end of the day, our spray-paint trigger fingers were sore, but we had an amazing time. The wedding was beautiful, too (even without the graffiti)!


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