S4 | Episode 729

Why I Will Never Forgive AFS

The Hanley Family (Arizona) and Henry from Germany
Why did you do this to us, AFS? Why would you bring a wonderful child into our lives, make him part of our family, allow us to take him to 8 states and Mexico, share the death of a pet with him, the addition of a puppy with him, share Christmas and Thanksgiving with him, share birthdays with him, only to take them away? Why? Bringing Henry into our lives was quite possibly the best experience for both him and our family. We are fortunate enough to have brought him on all of our trips where he saw Utah, Washington, Oregon, California, New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, Alaska, and a beach in Mexico. We lost our pet of 11 years and he cried with us and cared for her with us until the very end singing her a german lullaby to sooth her until we had to put her down. He helped us train the family puppy that we got while he was here. We want to give him one last experience here with our family as he is a member of out family. Because it is your fault that we will deal with such heartbreak losing him in July after sharing a lifetime of memories with Henry, we and he deserve this trip to experience one of the greatest cities in the US (plus he has an uncle there so please please please pick him for our troubles). **PS: We actually love you, AFS. Thank you for this opportunity.


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