Project Idea No. 737
By: Damun Davatgarsani from ,

Exchange students’s life

Being an exchange student is awesome. It makes you think about everything you have done for your entire life in a different prospective. It makes you see how valuable are the people that you have always been in touch in your home country. This experience gets you to other greater experiences, which will enrich your personal culture and growth. Being in a foreign country at this young age helps you to understand other population’s culture and lifestyle more than being adults, since we are still growing and changing. That’s why I’ve loved my exchange program, because of all the amazing experiences that I have had with all the great people that I’ve met! I love my host family, I love my school, I love my volunteers, and yes, the exchange students! They get really special for you in this exchange year experience in particular! That’s why I chose the AFS New Year’s Eve Party as my submission. It was a really special moment for me and the exchange students to have such an important date together!

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