Project Idea No. 739
By: Kelli Mabra from ,

Our New Family

I received a text one night from a friend. She said there is a German girl who goes to the HS across the street that is in need of an immediate home..I thought of you. After praying about it with my husband, the answer was YES! Within the next two weeks, we filled out applications, had home visits and weren't quite sure what we were getting ourselves into, but God did. Linda was welcomed into our home from the start. She wanted to be a part of our culture and home. She is very social and wants to be involved in everything..church, school, sports and friends. We went from being busy parents of two, quickly to three. Linda enjoys being active so we do too. She isn't afraid to try anything. She is particularly fond of chips and salsa and cinnamon rolls. We have been blessed to have her in our home. We are not looking forward to the close of her stay but are enjoying every minute of it.

Focus on

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