Project Idea No. 740
By: Andrea Senn from ,

Sunshine reunion

The story behind my submission photo: well my host family and I used to go on trips every once in a while and I remember those trips being the most fun times ever. They were connected to infinite laughter and joy! I am really sad that I can’t just bike over to their house and ask them how they are doing and make new amazing memories with them. By the way this photo was taken in Florida actually when we were taking a day trip to the beach and we saw this flower field and my host sister Cara and I wanted to take photos. By writing this and thinking back at this day there is a smile on my face. If I’d win this competition I know we are going to make more amazing memories and that gets me really excited! Also florida is a place very near to my heart and I’d love to say hi to the sunshine after almost 2 full years again. Thank you for the opportunity AFS!

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