Project Idea No. 746
By: Farha Hamed from ,

Not all who wander are lost

When I started my exchange year I thought that it won’t change me but little did I know this year has changed me forever in a way I am so thankful for . I had a family that any exchange student would have wished for , they were always there when I needed them supporting me in every step I take , they even encouraged me to try sports that I have never thought of trying before such as flag football which I loved , before meeting my host family I never thought that they would be this great and treat me like there own child my host family hosted other exchange students before me and my host dad said that it surprises him how all the exchange students that they host were similar by 89% of how people live in that US he said that the only difference is culture and then I said that’s why Afs and KL-Yes sent me as an ambassador to show the world how similar we are to them ,these amazing people made sure that I see and understand everything about the American culture I will forever be thankful for them , but as we know every good flight has to land and mine is sadly landing in 6 weeks . This year wasn’t a year in my life it was a life in a year an unforgettable magical one . Leaving my life in the United States which is now my second country and leaving my American family and friends and teachers who were awesome to me is gonna be the hardest situation that I am gonna experience this year . I will always have to remind myself that “Distance means so little when someone means so much “...

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