Project Idea No. 748
By: Olivia Land from ,

More Than Expected

Hello, Mom and Host Mom here! I’m going to be completely honest here, this exchange year nearly didn't exist for our Family. I was already a volunteer with AFS, but Hubby had come up with this crazy idea of hosting a student, and I said “NO WAY!” from the start. You see I’m already a mother of four young, beautiful and bright kiddos of my own. I DID NOT think we had the time to dedicate to a stranger....well, eventually I caved. Looking back now, I’m so sad that I almost turned our Micah away. We had no idea what to expect, but boy was I so wrong in thinking we couldn’t do this! Not only has he fit in like a missing puzzle piece, but we gained so much more than we could expect! We love this crazy life with Micah in it completely! We are so proud of who he is, and proud of ourselves for opening our home, minds and hearts, all for this idea of sharing and accepting culture. I have learned first hand from our experience with AFS that when an opportunity like a chance to win a vacation together, is presented you reach for it. So, here we are reaching for the opportunity to gain more beautiful moments and forever memories with our German Son. An opportunity for more love and laughter. Just more time together as a family, without so many miles between. I for one can tell you, not only did we have the time of our lives showing Micah our little slice of the American dream, but we were made aware of a hole. A spot in our family that will soon be empty and waiting for Micah’s return. For those of you who have never hosted, if you look you might just find that hole in your family/home that is just waiting... waiting for your first AFS adventure. :) We would like to thank AFS for this opportunity, and I personally would like to thank my wonderful Husband for talking me into this crazy life! With Love, Allen, Olivia, Micah and the kiddos.

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