Project Idea No. 778
By: Shanzila Ahmed from ,

My home in the World!

I found a home in Alaska: The moment I landed in Sitka all jet lagged, I wasn’t even able to think straight. I saw a family with a huge sign “ Welcome Shanzila”. I thought in my mind “ What did I get myself into? They are so different. How am I gonna act like they are my family?” I didn’t have to act because they became my family. I didn’t realize how, but the next morning I was telling them whatever came to my mind, like I do with my Pakistani Family. Just in a different language and in a different part of the world. From that day, I can never think of my life without them. They are one of the most important reasons behind who I am. They have always motivated me and I always go to them when I need advice. We have had our problems, but what family doesn’t? My family in Alaska is not the same as my family in Pakistan. They are different by their race, their language, the place where they live and their values. But they both share the most important value i.e. being there for each other. My whole life I had two families, I just didn’t knew. Now, I am so lucky that I have 2 amazing families who are here for me whenever I need them.

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