Project Idea No. 782
By: Denusha Mathialagan from ,

The Great American Eclipse

I was in the US for a little more than one week and we went on our first adventure already. My host family and I went to North and South Carolina for a one week family vacation. However we weren't alone there. We rent a big house were at least 12 other family members were waiting for us. I just arrived and got to meet so many family members. I had the best time there, and that was not even the best part. The best part was august the 21st. At this day we went down to South Carolina to watch the eclipse. I never saw something that spectacular before. One minute it was hot and the sun was light, and bright. The next minute the moon is in front of the sun, and everything is dark. I can never forget how amazing that moment was. On the video that I took, you can see how the light changes.

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