Project Idea No. 785
By: Lindsey Wise from ,

Family Completed

We are a first time host family. We set our hearts on hosting a girl, for us -a daughter. We wanted to offer her an experience of a school year in High School, our family life, and as much travel as possible. We were blessed to have been connected with Anna Furuli from Norway. From the first time that we saw her picture and spoke to her on facetime, we instantly knew she was ours. We promised we would care for her like we do our own son, Cameron. From the day that we picked her up she has brightened our lives and deepened our hearts. Amazingly, Anna looks as if she is our birth daughter. She has blended in so well that people believe she is our very own daughter and twin sister to Cameron, who is only one month younger than her. Our love for Anna started on the first day we decided to begin this journey with AFS and has not stopped growing. We immediately enrolled Anna into different soccer programs. She played on a girls travel team, a coed team with Cameron and the Walled Lake Western Varsity team. We have supported her with all of her sports and never miss a game. Coming here was an opportunity for her to gain life experiences. We were fortunate enough to be able to take Anna to several places throughout the United States including; Cedar Point, Washington D.C., various places throughout Michigan, California, Graceland, Florida and even Hawaii. We knew this would be one of the greatest experiences of our life but never imagined exactly how she has wholly and truly completed our family (and hearts). Anna, and this experience, has far exceeded our expectations and we are committed to her for the joy and love as she continues to bloom throughout her life. We have truly gained a daughter and a twin sister for our son. We laugh and cry together and encourage her to grow, learn, and spread her wings. We were excited and overjoyed when Anna made the decision to extend her experience here another full month! We know our relationship will be one that will last forever! We know her family in anxious to have her back home but we will truly miss her dearly!

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