S4 | Episode 788

"If you never did, you should"

The Jerge Family (New York) and Costanza from Italy
My year has been full of adventures, new experiences, a lot of fun ,laughs and LOVE. But my time in the U.S. wasn't just about the thrill and excitement for the new things. Learning a new language and a new culture, was NOTHING compared to learning how to love a new mom, dad, two amazing sisters and cats. That is the biggest emotion you can have. My host family and I love spending time together, whether it be Jet Boating the Niagara River, ice skating, a rock concert, shopping in NYC, marching in a parade in Toronto, horseback riding in the smoky mountains, or even for just a simple movie night or hearing a Dr. Seuss story (we love them) for the youngest sister. LOVE has showed us: I am like you, you are like me, through this experience we have become an INTERNATIONAL FAMILY.


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