Project Idea No. 790
By: Jessica Mosher from ,

Two Countries: One Family

Two countries one family is exactly like it sounds. In just a few short weeks’ time back in September, our family grew exponentially. Coming up in the next few weeks, our family will become separated by an ocean; Hannah will have to return to Germany. We are so thankful for the experience to learn about Germany and the many differences between our two countries. Hannah dove right in & became the oldest of our (now) 4 kids & really embraced the new role: being a role model & an older sister to Riley, Hailey, & Levi. We expected an attachment by the end of the experience, but we never expected it to hit within the first 2 weeks. Hannah was the perfect match for our family; she fit right in, like she was always here. We have enjoyed card & board games, chats by the campfire, & oddly enough, plenty of good times sitting on the floor in the corner in the kitchen. There have been some tears, homework issues, and definitely some sibling arguments; but the simple, everyday things have etched this short experience on our hearts forever. Hannah learned how to help with Hailey’s chronic life threatening medical condition, Riley’s constant chatter, and Levi’s adorable attempt at remembering how to say “Hannah, bring me to bed” in German. Levi is going to miss piggy back rides & learning new words. Hailey is going to miss her big sister & everything that goes with sister bonds. Riley is going to miss having someone to look up to. I am going to miss my “German daughter” as a piece of my heart flies away in June. Our dog, Roxi, is really going to miss the laundry pile to sleep in (although, I’m sure Hailey will keep it going)! The past several months have not been perfect, but… they were perfect for our family as we grew. I am BEYOND thankful that I happened to stumble across a Facebook post looking for host families. And even more thankful that I was able to talk my husband into hosting (he didn’t want to); 6 days (and a LOT of insanity) later, Hannah entered our home and within a week, our hearts. I did not realize that there was a hole in my heart until I left my German daughter at school on her first day; just days after meeting her. We might be separated by time zones very soon, but our hearts will forever remind each other of this time. We look forward to being reunited for a short time next year!

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