Project Idea No. 795
By: Salisa Apiwatgaroon from ,

Makenna, Salisa, Salisa and Makenna

That is a picture of Makenna, Salisa, Salisa, and Makenna. You probably wonder why there are 2 Salisas and 2 Makennas. Read this until the end to find out! :) I changed my host family in the middle of my 6th month here. My new host family is really really really (3 are not enough actually) nice. There are 6 members in the family, Mandy (mom), Ted (dad), Makenna (9), Milton (7), Madden (5), and baby Merrick :D (0). At first, Makenna was really shy. She never talked to me for the whole first month. She would just said hi sometimes. I felt like there was a tiny wall between us. But then, she broke the wall for the first time when we went grocery shopping together. After that, we became besties. Our house is in the country and has lots of lands to run and do some fun stuff on. At first, I didn’t like living in the country because I came from the city back in my country, but I changed my mind after I met Makenna. I don’t have a younger sister, especially one who is 7 years younger than me, but we get along together really well. After school, I spend most of my time with the kids, especially Makenna, playing with the dog, feeding chickens and horses; and the best part, exploring nature and the sewer around the house. She loves riding four wheelers and always take me with her to explore new wonderful nature around the house. Photographing is my favorite hobby and I always take my camera on our exploring trips. This picture was taken by myself when we were riding on the four wheeler where we found a good spot during at sunset. Now, it’s time to tell you why we have 2 Salisas and 2 Makennas in the picture. And yes, they are the names of me and my host sister, the bear and the kitten in our hands! When we were at the mall, Makenna wanted to go to the Build-a-bear store so we went there. Mandy, my host mom, offered to buy Makenna and me one for each other to be our symbols to remind us about each other when I go back home. Makenna made one for me, and I made one for Makenna. We did a really great job on hugging and bathing the bear and the kitten. Then, she had an idea on naming them, “Let’s name mine Salisa, and yours Makenna!” she said. So, we took Salisa the bear and Makenna the kitten home on that day. We love our bear and kitten very much because they represent each other of us. Sometimes, when I wasn’t home for dinner, she would put Salisa the bear in the spot where I always sit during the meal and wouldn’t let anyone take that spot. The bear and the kitten are not just toys, they are us. That’s the reason why they’re in the picture with us too! Now, I have 50 days left with her. Time flies so fast and I wish I could turn back time to start my exchange life with this family, with this sweet little sister. Unfortunately, I’m not a superhero. I cannot turn back time or extend the time to stay here with them more. The only thing that I can do are enjoy every moment and make the happiness last for everyone in the family in these 2 months. I don’t know when I will be seeing her and the family again, maybe 5 or 10 years or more than that. Winning the tickets to Florida and the theme parks would be the greatest prize of my life to see and spend time with them again. Even though I’m not a superhero to extend the time, you guys can be my superhero to make me and my host siblings’ dreams come true! :D

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