Project Idea No. 805
By: Chelsea Kidd from ,

The Joy of the Little Things

The thing about hosting with AFS is that you're not a tour guide. Your job is not to be exciting, it's to make the student part of your family. Our hosting experience is all about the little things, not the blockbuster moments. It's the moments you wouldn't think twice about if you weren't seeing them through someone else's eyes. Sharing this year with Johanna has been so special because she appreciates a pajamas-all-day situation just as much as a whirlwind trip to California. The best part about hosting is seeing the different kinds of bonds you can form with each student. These are some of the moments that formed our bond with Johanna (not shown: watching all seven seasons of Gilmore Girls and singing along very loudly and poorly with the theme song every time), and we believe that there are many more to come. Music used is "Floyd's Theme" by Manwomanchild, used under a Creative Commons attribution license.

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