Project Idea No. 808
By: Cindy Jankowski from ,

Family - not just for a year, but for life

I had the great pleasure of being the first „child“ of Kevin and Jeremy. Leaving them, after living with them for a whole year was one of the hardest things, I have ever had to do in my life. Learning and trying new things, having big and small adventures together, being granted the title of „Cindy ab und zu von Inkster“, being called a real american teenager after ordering my softdrinks as pop and even fighting over the „Getting to school“-problem were just some of the things I missed after leaving. Little did I know, I did not just live there for a year but gained a family for life. Just a couple of month later we met again in Munich, I went to visit them with my parents and last year before going back to the US to visit again I even met my little brothers. After I left, Jeremy and Kevin hosted again a couple of times to give other students the opportunity of having the best years of their lives, so the family kept growing. Coming back to their house still feels like coming home (even though they changed a lot in the house over the years), the two of them are still my second parents, and the fun, love, laughs and care for each other are still parts of our lives and always will be. „After all this time?“ „Always.“

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