Project Idea No. 810
By: Johanna Fröhlich from ,

Being a DePonceau...

What does it mean to be a DePonceau? For me it meant and still means being part of a second family. In addition to having two German sisters I now also have two American brothers. My older brother taught me how to throw spirals and explained all the football rules to me and my younger brother and I played in our high school marching band together and went to all the football games to cheer for our team. I actually recorded the music in my video, the CHS Fight Song, at one of our games and you might be able to hear my younger brother playing. My dad is also interested in learning how to play the clarinet and we'll find the time eventually... My mom and I always went groceries shopping together and I'm already looking forward to going to Costco and trying all the sample food again and again. But being a DePonceau doesn't only mean those things. It's an experience that can't be described by words and so I hope my video can.

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