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By: Sinegugu Nsimbi from ,

...Till I Met You, I Never Had A Beautiful Story To Tell

8 months, 38 weeks, 296 days well lived with joy, laughter, and unforgettable memories. This video is made to show appreciation to all the highlights of my exchange year including, family vacations, dinner table, daily lives, celebrations of accomplishment, and cultural celebrations. But yes we are different, me and my host family have a lot of differences, from speaking different languages as native languages, pronouncing certain words differently, and probably most importantly a different "skin" color , race, and a different countries that practice different rituals and culture. These differences are all challenging but since I had an amazing host family we all overcame the challenges with courage and resilience. There are so many differences all around the world but there are similarities too. Me and my host family we also have some similarities too. Basically we're all human beings and that makes us the same, we are all driven by the same AFS goals of spreading world peace and having better understanding of different people in variety of different countries. We are also the same because we all risked our comfort zones and had courage to meet each other and embrace our similarities but never forgetting to embrace our beautiful differences. This year of 2017-2018 will forever be the best year I would've asked for. I can now share both challenging and inspirational stories of my exchange year. To all the memories and unbelievable adventures I shared with this amazing host family will forever live in my heart. Words just Fail me because one minute can never explain such an ADVENTUROUS year.

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