Project Idea No. 821
By: John Yates from ,

Going the Extra Mile...

We didn't start out the year as the host family, but due to unforeseen circumstances, Denise joined our family for the last 3 months of her stay. Denise and our oldest daughter, McKenna, ran Cross Country and Track together and that is how we met. Their friendship became more than just teammates--we became family. Denise taught us about some of the differences from her German culture through unique foods, Easter holiday traditions and fizzy drinks from her childhood. We shared some of our differences through activities like disc golf, making s'mores around a firepit and banana pudding. Our differences have been fun to discover and share, yet we noticed that it was our similarities that drew us closer together. Our love for laughter, watching movies, cooking, conversation around the dinner table, bike rides, picnics and adventure of all sorts became the basis for our sweet connection. This video is a representation of how Denise stole our hearts and became a gift we didn't know we needed.

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