Project Idea No. 826
By: Rebecca Bigliardi from ,

one world, two families

Looking back at the beginning of my exchange year in 2016 I would never have imagined it to be such an amazing experience. It all started in august and I was curious about everything, but at the same time scared because I didn’t know what to except.There are many differences between my home country, Italy, and the United States that I discovered little by little at a time till the end of the year, for example the first time I entered in a supermarket I had never seen so many kinds of sodas or types of chips, or also such a small compartment of pasta. However the best thing was getting in touch with new people and a new culture, creating new habits and celebrating new festivities that I had never celebrated before. Despite these differences, my host family and I had so much in common and it has been great to share so many great moments with them. All this is what made the experience so special and gave me the opportunity to grow and shape myself as a more mature person. I’m so thankful for everything I’ve experienced and mostly for my new family, who made all this possible.

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