Project Idea No. 832
By: lucia prieto ramis from ,

Better Together

Everything started when Afs Spain called me saying that a family chose me. I could not believe it!!! I was so happy and euphoric but at the same time I had a lot of doubts and kept questioning if I really wanted to go abroad. Now that It´s been almost 10 months I´m so proud and happy what I decided to do.My life has changed positively and I never thought I could learn as much as I´ve done in this time. Family it´s been one of the most important things for me this year. They made me feel like part of the family since day 1. My host parents have always been there for me, supporting me with every decission, coming to all of my performances and games, trying to make me smile every morning, taking me to new places, making me try new things, getting me involved in their community... I´m so thankful for all the time they´ve spent on me. My sisters and brother have done so much for me too. All times with them have been so much fun and we´ve made a lot of memories together. And I´ve always tried my best to be open at new things and I shared my culture. We´ve of course had our differences but the most important thing is that we respect each other and that´s what makes us a family that will keep in touch forever. for all of the reasons above, I decided to make a video with the best captions of this fantastic year that we´ve been through. We are all better together!!!

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