S4 | Episode 833

Second Generation Exchange Student

The Fasci Family (Texas) and Carlotta from Italy
I’m Maga Fasci, the fortunate host mom for Carlotta Ghezzi from Italy! Our story begins, when I was just 18 years old and I was a foreign exchange student from Mexico, where I spent my junior year in Eagan MN, in 1986. I had such a woonderful experience with my host family that today, my best friend then and still today, its my host sister Jill Tschida (Jill Wallace, her married name) Becuase of my experience, I too, hoped that someday I would host an exchange student. My wish came true and my family and I hosted Carlotta Ghezzi from Italy, from day, Carlotta and my oldest daughter, Marcela, hit it off great when we received her at the airport! We have so many fun memories fronthe time we went to my husbands family in Brownsville Texas and spent Christmas in Chihuahua Mexico with my family! Our most memorable time together is when we spent our Spring Break in New York with Jill and her daughters, me and my daughters and of course Carlotta (my AFS student) and Grazzie ( Jill’s AFS student from Spain)It was an absolutely unforgettable week! We have kept this amazing friendship for over 32, years, with no Facebook, emails, WhatsApp, etc! I certainly hope, Marcela and Carlotta will keep the lasting friendship that Jill and I have had form over 30 years!


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