Project Idea No. 842
By: Garazi Larizgoitia from ,

Road Trippin’ USA - East Coast to the Midwest

Family experiences is what AFS is all about and Garazi’s life with the Wallace family is no exception. Garazi has learned the meaning of a true road trip as she traveled twice to the Midwest from Canton, CT. The first trip was in November to the Chicago area to visit family and celebrate Thanksgiving. During Spring Break, instead of traveling to the warm weather of the southern US, Garazi once again had the good fortune of traveling with her host family to the Twin Cities area of MInnesota. In addition to visiting the Mall of America, one highlight of her trip to Minnesota was a tour of a US courtroom in downtown Minneapolis with her host family. (The tour was provided by her host “uncle” as seen in the picture with her host siblings). This allowed her to see a snippet of the “reel life” of the United States Judicial system. Her good fortune continued as she was lucky enough to get out of town before Winter Storm Warning hit MN dumping 9-13 plus inches of April snow. Garazi has traveled over 4,500 miles to and from the Midwest alone in the Wallace family truckster (aka Honda Odyssey minivan) with her host family. Add to this the many trips in and around Connecticut and the East Coast to prove she has become a true “road trippin’” family member!

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