Project Idea No. 849
By: omar ali from ,

Outstanding moment

This is the overall outstanding moments in my experience so far I never imagined that i am gonna be living in US for a whole 10 months with everything is new different and the most amazing that i made it super amazing successfully Here is some quote of my host mom and dad words about this year host dad”Sharing family hikes and other activities was one of the many experiences we shared with Omar which brought us closer together as a family. I valued the opportunity to see Omar investigate and wonder at the diversity of nature. These hikes allowed us time to not only explore nature, but each other and build relationships.” host mom “Family times gathered together for meals, or game nights are some of my most meaningful memories of things we did together… There was a lot of joy and laughter and wonderful conversations that always took place during those times… It has been wonderful to grow as a family over the past year…thankful for the times we celebrated together…learned something new..every time we sat and talked… (still learning!) thankful for the opportunity to welcome another family member into our lives”

Focus on

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in :