Project Idea No. 852
By: Fabio Cammarota from ,

A unique story

A unique story about Fabio from ITALY and Mai from THAILAND. FABIO : It is all a beautiful and unique story. We got on a plane in August and we arrived here without knowing each other. In the beginning not everything was perfect, we were all so differents and we were all trying to get along to each other. But after a couple of weeks we started to write our own and unique story, and it was all about us together as a family. I found a place that I can now call home on the other side of the Ocean and I love it. I am feeling like I have finally found my way thanks to the love and the attention that all the people in this year have given to me. I got a lot of help and I will never forget it. MAI : It is all a beautiful and unique story. The beginning of the year was hard, having three boy siblings in the house. It was crazy but also fun at the same time. Me and Fabio, we are so different in many ways but brother and sister do not have to be the same! I look back and I see myself laughing, crying, and growing. The strangers at first day becomes my lovely mom and dad today. Love,bond and friendship has built and I can never be home again because my other home is here with this family, my family.

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