Project Idea No. 855
By: Bonnie Trujillo from ,

Family Cooperation

Hi! My name is Kitty. I am from China. I have a foreign sister Tookta who is from Thailand. Now, we lived in Las Vegas, New Mexico. Now, let me introduce the most particular activity that we did together. I am sure just we did it. New Mexico’s weather is pretty dry. It rains rarely in the whole year. So in this condition, which resource is the most valuable? Yes, that is water. We need to get water from underground to water our plants, or they will die because of dry. In this picture, we got water together. My host parents will control the pick up and we will tell them which position is suitable to get water. Then, one of us will go up, put the straw in the tank, the other will turn on the button to let water in. We cannot make button go to the biggest place immediately because the whole system cannot stand it. So we need to do it slowly. After the tank is full, we turn off the button and pull the straw out. That is the whole process. Do you think it is particular?

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