Project Idea No. 868
By: Julie Lemke from ,

Jad: Lebanon to Wisconsin

Jad had come from Lebanon in August to another family. He met our boys at school and started coming over to our house on several occasions. The home he was in did not have any siblings in the home and he was lonely as he had 2 brothers and a sister in Lebanon. My son told him to tell his Liason that we would host him. Lo and behold we got a call from AFS who said "We heard you were interested in hosting Jad" I turned to Kevin and he looked at me...WHAT?? Well we decided as a family that YES(no pun intended since he is a YES student) that we would indeed welcome him into our house. We scrambled to apply and get all of the paperwork and education done. On December 8, 2017, our family took Jad into our home. He now had 3 more brothers and 1 more sister!! It has been a great decision and the most wonderful of experiences for our whole family. Jad is a part of our family and we are all very sad that he will return to his home country of Lebanon in a few short weeks. We are excited for him to be reunited with his family and friends but our hearts grow heavier as the day approaches. He is like a son and brother to all of us. It has been an experience that our family will NEVER forget. SO many memories and fun times that we all will cherish forever. Thank you AFS for such a wonderful program and to Jad for making this such a wonderful experience. We love you and wish you the best in everything and look forward to being reunified again in the future!!(Hopefully in Florida ;-).)

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