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By: Noor Saba from ,

How to conquer two forms of water?

Hi guys! I am Noor Saba from Pakistan and currently applying for AFS Reel life contest. I am being hosted by Mcglouclin family in Kent, Ohio just last month but i was being hosted by Marianne Martins and Carlos Ledet family where my exciting journey of exchange year begun.Being an exchange student not only builds confidence in you but also makes you braver and fight against loneliness that stops you to face challenges in our everyday life. I have always been very scared of water or in way you can say that was hydrophobic. In this year, my first time i went into the pool and that day was tragedic not only for me but also for my host mom who is Marianne Martins. I kept on screaming with fear but when i got tired , i told myself that maybe this could be my achievement of exchange year and i did it. I kept on moving with every stroke even i was shoveling lots of lots of water into my mouth. My swim teacher named Mrs. Ferlido and my local coordinator Diana Harrod helped me a lot and spent a few hours with me. After about a week, i made it to my high school swimming team. I was the most slowest swimmer on my team but people have always encouraged me and supported me. One of the best qualities of American people, they will cheer you till last moment until you finish your race and achieve your goal no matter what! Whenever i get done with my swim team, my host mom and my host dad will always be there cheering for me.I ended up in swim season going 32 seconds in my sectionals league of the swim season! My coach,my host parents and teammates and myself always motivated real Noor inside me and i accomplished my goal. So, this was liquid form of water and now comes ice or solid. Skiing- a great sport that i had been watching on TV since my childhood and always craving for it. I went with my host family(Ledet Family) to Skiing place in New York known as Holiday valley. I never skied before, so they put me in skiing lesson for one day which usually goes for 3 days for beginners. I fell like millions of times there over a steepy slope but to be honest, i never gave up! Thinking that i will accomplish it because this can be my another accomplishment of exchange year! At the end of day, my host dad took me far upto hill even i didn't want to and was very scared and nervous! He told me that now i will push you and you have to go down this just thinking as that is path of your life and you have to go through some hardships. By the time, i would go down there, i will learn how to cop up with things. To be honest, most helpful moments were just remembering his words saying that "French fries" for going fast and down but for stopping and taking turn go like "Pizza shape" of skies. I fell for like 2 times in each trip from up to down. But at the end, i made it and i finally did. I was successful to skie and was very grateful to my dad! I would say that if i wouldn't have got accept in this Scholarship then i wouldn't have conquered these two forms of water, People say that it was one year in your life but i would say it was my life in ONE year! Becoming lifeguard, photographer and Painter are just whole lot other accomplishments. Thank you so much AFS for hosting me this year and exposing me to a whole different lifestyle.Thank you so much Ledet family for hosting me and giving me all what i need and treating me as their daughter! I will always be very grateful to what they did for me. Proud to be a Cultural exchange ambassador!! I can now see myself incredibly changed into a person that can proudly say that i have two homes now-one in Pakistan and one in United States!♥️♥️♥️

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