Project Idea No. 874
By: Hannah Saur from ,

Sisters for life, not just the year

I came to America as a little blonde girl that was excited about school busses and peanut butter, scared about only one thing: not fitting in my hostfamily. When I first saw my hostfamily there was this pretty girl standing in between my hostparents, with the calmest and kindest smile ever. My hostsister, Kali. I never had to worry about my hostfamily. This girl has made my whole year. I'll miss her so much! I'll miss our jam sessions in the car, our netflix and spa nights, the hours of talking about boys and life and all those little moments when we just look at each other and think the exact same thing. I'll miss my sister. I love her and I wish I could just bring her and my new family here back home with me. Though I know that I can't bring them or my sister back with me, all these memories will stay with me when I leave.

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