Project Idea No. 875
By: Sarah Oehling from ,

The Time of Our Lives

July 4, 2015. The day my family's life changed forever. That was the day we picked our first foreign exchange student, David. We knew very little about him, and very little about Hungary, but we knew from one short paragraph that he was perfect for our family. Even though his English was below average and we could barely speak to him when he first came, over time not only did his English progress, but so did the connection we made with him. In less than a month, he became a brother to me and my sister, and a son to my parents. There were so many experiences that were strange for him, like Halloween. He was so confused by the whole concept of Halloween. He was disgusted about the idea of carving a pumpkin, and nothing weirded him out more than kids walking around in costumes for candy. He was also shocked that our dogs lived in the house. When we hosted him, we had two dogs. He knew we had dogs, but the first night we pulled up to the house he exclaimed, "They are inside?". Over time, he became best buddies with one of our dogs. There were so manys things that we shared including our love for football, food, and family. The year David, "our Hungarian", stayed with us was the best year of our lives. David was everything we didn't know we needed.

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