Project Idea No. 883
By: Alicia Merwin from ,

Merwin AFS video 2018_05_07

Mara has been such a wonderful addition to the family! This is our first Foreign Exchange student and we couldn't be more thrilled. We'll miss her so much when she goes home but we'll always have her in our hearts! After trying to put the profound impact a year with Mara has had on our family into words I find I am coming up short. I feel I could repeatedly describe for you our fun and memorable experiences over these last ten months. However, to truly articulate how much she is now forever a part of our family I think it may be better for us to tell you how we will miss her. We will miss how she effortlessly fit into our family, as if she’d always been meant to be with us here. It was occasionally odd to hear her speak of her parents, possibly just because I wanted to take full credit for this amazing young woman. We will miss her intelligent sense of humor, and her ability to make every day special. Mara will always be a fabulous big sister to our girls; I know they will always look up to her. We were all, host family and student, so excited to embark on this adventure and it couldn’t have turned out better.

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