Project Idea No. 887
By: Melina Murphy from ,

A Year with the Murphy's

9 months ago I was sitting on a plane staring outside the window watching Sardinia become smaller and smaller as seconds went by. It was right when I could not see the Island anymore that I asked myself "What am I doing?!". Well, I was not sure what I was going to do ( or be for sure) then, but I certainly know what I have done, where I have been and what I have learnt now. This past year has been an adventurous journey that had started right the moment I sat on that plane. I remember being pretty worry about having a welcome family and not knowing much about what is now my American Family. I met the Murphy's for the first time at my birthday, and if I think about it know, that was by far the biggest birthday present I have ever received. What I did not know about that present, is that it would include several ethnicities, a very interesting house, very adventurous and interesting people, and interesting animals. Living with the Murphy's had taught me as many things about America as about Taiwan or Japan. It has taught me that if you're not singing three different birthday songs in front of your cake, it means that you're not celebrating it right. I have learnt that bearded dragons are yellow when they are happy and grey when they are sad, and that even if we might often be fashionable late, everything is going to be fine. I have received unconditional support for every success and performance and eaten ice-cream in good company every time that I have felt tired and frustrated for my hard days. I have understood that we don't need to share the same blood to be called family, and that if "Home is where your heart is" then mine better split in two and learn how to live with his other half overseas. - Nicole Mancinelli ( Murphy) from Sardinia, Italy

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