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Project Idea No. 1010
By: Bryn Westby from Vilonia High School, Arkansas

Fighting Chance

Over 30% of Hungarian women and girls have been subject to physical or sexual abuse at least once in their lives. Police response to calls concerning abuse do practically nothing to help the number of Hungarian women and children that are beaten or sexually exploited on a daily basis. Hungary also is a destination and origin point for human trafficking. In fact, 18% pf European human trafficking victims are from Hungary. Women and young girls are taken from their homes every day and forced to do manual labor or to work as sex slaves. My program is called Fighting Chance, and I hope that through my project we will be able to address the UN's Sustainable Development Goal of Gender Equality and improve the terrifying conditions for women and young girls in Hungary. With Fighting Chance, I aim to teach the women and girls of Hungary how to avoid and deter abuse and human trafficking in two ways; through a classroom environment and physical training. First, Fighting Chance instructors will teach how to avoid situations that could lead to abuse or abduction and trafficking using easy to remember tips. Simple tips such as never walking in a dark alley or never walking alone may be common knowledge in the United States, but are generally unknown in other countries. I hope that through teaching these women and children trick such as that, they will be less susceptible to abuse and trafficking. Next, Fighting Chance will provide self defense trainers to show Hungarian women and girls how to physically defend themselves in the case of an abuser or kidnapper. By showing them how to quickly and efficiently use their surroundings and what they have to defend themselves from an attacker, I aim to increase Hungarian women and girls's chance of avoiding abuse or human trafficking. Though project Fighting Chance is designed and planned with Hungary specifically in mind, I hope that it will spread to not only influence and affect women and young girls in Hungary, but others around the globe.

Focus on Hungary

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Hungary: