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Project Idea No. 991
By: Dulce Sanchez from Barren County High School , Kentucky

The Kindness Effect to Stimulate the Minds of children in Ghana

Ghana is full of inequalities based on income, sex, age, and more. The lack of equality results in a major consequence; the destruction of people's sense of self-worth. The use of positive reinforcement such as kind notes and empowering letters in the education system can stimulate the minds of children. Their young minds are the easiest to impact because their mind has not fully developed yet. This positive reinforcement will not only show themselves they are worthy, but also show them everyone else is worthy as well. If children are placed into an environment where loving others is normal they will see their self worth but also be accustomed to loving everyone no matter what, resulting in less discrimination. Children are the future, if they are impacted and taught to love, the idea of equality can be achievable. By using these kind words in their schools, it will advance their education system and promote equality for all.

Focus on Ghana

This project addresses the following sustainability goals in Ghana: