How it Works:

8th to 12th grade students are invited to propose a development project that works toward one or a few of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals in a relevant country from the AFS Global Prep portfolio (“Scholarship Contest” or “Contest”). One Grand Prize Winner will be given a full scholarship to go on the AFS Project: Change Trip to workshop their winning proposal with community partners in their chosen AFS Project: Change Country. Four additional winners (or “runners-up”) will be given the opportunity to join the program on full scholarships.

The AFS Project: Change Trip will be a supplemented version of the Global Prep program available in the country addressed in the Grand Prize Winner’s project proposal. Trip participants will learn principles and practices of international development and changemaking during a pre-departure training and post-trip debrief. During the trip, participants will share and assess the winning proposal with community partners in the host country while learning about existing development projects and efforts. Throughout, participants will cultivate their global competence through intercultural exchange. When they return from the AFS Project: Change Trip, participants will be better prepared to develop and implement projects to create change in their home communities.

Non-winners and all other 8th to 12th graders will be welcome to join the AFS Project: Change Trip by paying a program fee (amount based on the cost of the Global Prep trip to the country addressed in the Grand Prize Winner’s proposal).

By submitting an essay that proposes a development project and answers the below questions listed under 1. of the Scholarship Contest Rules, the entrants accept and agree to be bound by the Scholarship Contest Rules.


Scholarship Contest Rules:

  1. In their own words, entrants must write a project proposal essay that answers both of the following prompts (in min 500 – max 1500 words):
    1. Choose one to three of the Sustainable Development Goals for your project proposal. Why are you passionate about meeting your chosen goal(s)? If you have chosen more than one goal, explain how they are related.; and,
    2. What project would you propose to help meet your chosen goal(s) in one of the AFS Project: Change Countries? Demonstrate the relevance of your proposed project to the Goals and communities in the country chosen.
  2. All submissions are due no later than 11:59pm EST on November 25, 2018. Late submissions will not be considered for the contest.
  1. Immediately following the submission deadline, each entrant will have their own project proposal displayed on a webpage for collecting votes for a chance to win. The voting period opens on November 26, 2018 and close at 11:59pm EST on December 30, 2018.
    • Voters may cast votes for as many different entries as they desire during the voting period, but they can only vote once for each individual entry.
    • To reiterate the point above, during the voting period each individual voter can only cast one vote for a particular entry. For example, if there are 400 entrants, a voter could cast a vote for as many of the 400 entries at any time during the voting period, but the voter could not cast more than one vote for the entry.
    • Once a voter casts a vote for an entry, that vote cannot be changed or undone. It becomes final and will count towards the total number of votes that entrant has received.
    • Fraudulent votes, including but not limited to attempts by the same voter to cast more than one vote for an entry, will be removed through a verification process performed by an independent third-party consultant retained by AFS-USA to review the votes cast and to secure the integrity of the voting process.
  1. The Judges Panel will select one Grand Prize Winner, four additional scholarship winners, and three alternates, should the winners not accept the prize.
  2. All submissions will be judged by the Judges Panel based on the following criteria:
    • A demonstrated understanding of the chosen Sustainable Development Goal(s) and its implications in the AFS Global Prep country of choice (25%);
    • Creativity and originality (25%);
    • Quality of research and writing (25%); and
    • Feasibility, relevance, and potential impact of the proposed project to the chosen Goal(s) and communities in the chosen country(25%).
  3. The Project: Change Trip will join and supplement the Global Prep program in the country addressed by the Grand Prize Winner’s project proposal. The four additional winners will be granted full scholarships to participate in the Project: Change Trip.
  4. If any of the contest winners decline participation in the program, spots will be offered to the 1st alternate, and then the 2nd, and then the 3rd, and so on, until all available spots are filled.

Terms & Conditions: